Live At The Auricle (2​/​12​/​13)

by Austin Wolfe

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Recorded live at The Auricle in downtown Canton on the night of February 12th, 2013.

The band is:

Matt Kurtz - Drums
Tyler Mowry - Trumpet/Xylophone/other auxiliary percussion
Michael Luehrs - Electric Guitar
John Finley - Electric Guitar
Nate Netti - Bass
Spencer Martin - Piano
Austin Wolfe - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica


With your download of this live EP you will receive in addition to the tracks a video performance of "Sinister Blues" filmed from this set and 4 random photographs.


released April 20, 2013

All tracks recorded by Nick Brewer and mixed/mastered by Spencer Martin. Videos filmed by Nick Brewer and Kyle Michaels with a Nikon D600 and Canon 5D MKII, audio for video mixed by Nick. All songs written/composed by Austin Wolfe and his band of orphan thieves. Thank you to The Auricle for time, efforts, and support (Nick, Curtis, Kyle, Josh), Kyle Michaels, Allie Sayre for being born, and everyone who came to the show.

"Sinister Blues" performance (HD) on YouTube:



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Austin Wolfe Canton, Ohio

Austin Wolfe is a singer/songwriter from Canton, OH.

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Track Name: Oh, The Awful Joy
well i once argued reason with an angel
and i once fell in love with a fading star
i traded all my silver moonlight
for the fire of a broken heart
so let the ravens weep
let them beg for wine
i've heard so much truth
i could use a good lie

well i once argued fate with a tear drop
and i once kissed the mouth of a thousand years
her eyes shined bluer than the ocean
but i made them blacker than the darkest night
oh, the awful joy
of hurting and to hurt
when the love that you built
was both your blessing and curse

there are wild rivers that run through our blood
there are whispers still unsure that sit on our tongues
there are heavy afternoons that rest in our lungs
there is time to make the same
of what we need and what we want.
Track Name: Mama, I Got So Much On My Mind
teach me the quiet madness of the night
hang stillness from my bones like an ancient star
tell me about that silver moon rising
mama, i got so much on my mind

kiss me with the answer of a flower
reach me like the gossip of the day
touch me with the first chill of autumn
mama, i got so much on my mind

catch me like the shadow of a movement
keep me like a stranger's familiar face
confront my heart unto the healing dark of sorrow
mama, i got so much on my mind

sober me like sunday confesses secrets
know me like tomorrow knows to wait
break me like a fever in november
mama, i got so much on my mind
Track Name: Twisted Reasons, Crooked Cry
your moon-splashed visions
your meteor mind
the desolate freedom of your skeleton sky
has fooled your heart into believing lies
that stitched your face
to that social disguise of claims

could it be now, mama, all that we have loved
we've loved in vain?
your truth, your forbidden fruit,
takes shape now in the sound of my name
perhaps it's the vault of my past mistakes
the puts the fault on what you say
but we must watch now how we talk
for the words we choose, honey,
they cannot return to the mouths
from which they came

your grieving black-out wish
for a better life than i can give
has tricked your eyes into seeing this
from the hype of your emotions
but not how it actually is

could it be now, mama, all that we have tried
we tried in vain?
our frail, unrepenting veil of matchsticks
that cannot lift a single flame
perhaps it's the fate of the feather or stone
that better decides the heavier fall
but we both know it won't be long
before the walls we built have returned to dust
and unto the ground
from where they came

your dark-drenched toxic
mouth of flowers
has shed the words
that bloomed these hours
and covered your ears from hearing any sound
that might reveal confrontation with yourself

could it be now, mama, all that we have worked for
we worked in vain?
if the end was to be this way
regardless of the wisdom we may have gained
perhaps it was meaning we never obtained
that had us become these criminals of shame
for wherever we walk, despite time or place,
the facts- they still remain the same:
you can hear me rattle
my cuffs and chains

your twisted reasons
your crooked cry
the melting minutes that tell your time
has confused your perception of what is right
to the point of refusing
even the best of advice

could it be now, mama, all that we have touched
we touched in vain?
our haze of polluted joy that clouds your hope
for the day that things might change
perhaps it's the ghost that still remains
of who you were before who you became
that haunts my heart into believing
all that has been lost could come back our way
and things could somehow
be the same.
Track Name: Taller Than The Sun
your hands were born in the moonlight
on silver ships and the salt lines
i heard the song of your touch
like a dream of hymnals sent by the sea
the gentle rush of your splendor,
your wore the waves on your crowning eyes
the brightest light, such an arrant kind

but feeling taller than the sun
our foolish laws demanded night
as we pawned the shapeless tide
until the golden death of dawn
and although i held my tears,
my eyes- they were wrong
i am not as strong as i thought i was
for i understand if i can't be in your heart,
but i'd do anything
to just be on your mind

your intent surrendered in confusion
the knocking knees of two broken pasts
the future cowered like a motherless-boy
assuming it's best not to ask
it wandered the city forever
in search of a lover from some other life
dressed in white with its motives in tact

but daunted long within your mire,
is a place of tangled sighs-
they are mine
where i've wrapped the night
in a twine of your hair
and although i cooled our fire,
it was not without a cost:
that which i once was unaware of,
i now know and feel the loss
for i understand if i can't be in your heart,
but i'd do anything
to just be on your mind

my revolving wish to climb
to your sweet and impeccable cry,
has labored me a time-worn heart
now tolling for closed eyes
that we should be redeemed
is a knot i can't untie
oh, how i longed for you a place
in my imaginary life
for i understand if i can't be in your heart
but i'd do anything